Bingo Games for Adults Set of 7


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  • Best seller!
  • Explore topics such as stress, anger, self-esteem, and more

  • Each game includes 16 laminated cards, 75 calling cards, plus instructions

  • Ages: 18 and up

Each of these fun, therapeutic games has 16 laminated BINGO cards, 75 calling cards, a facilitator's instruction sheet and reproducible handouts meant to be used in clinics or classrooms. Healthy competition and fun make these our best-selling games.

Set includes one each of the following BINGO Games


Stress Bingo
Explores external stressors, internal stressors, physical symptoms, emotional/behavioral systems, and stress relievers.

Anger Bingo
Non-threatening, engaging and educational. Addresses triggers, symptoms, causes, control and prevention. Reproducible handout, "How to Control and Prevent Anger."

Self-Esteem Bingo
Focuses on one of the most important topics in classrooms and clinics. Helps players to understand self-esteem Boosters and Busters, the benefits of self-esteem, how to acknowledge their own strengths and how to take responsibility.

Healthy Relationship Bingo
Teaches the skills needed for a healthy relationship and examines key topics like Things to Look For, Red Flags, Green Flags, Obstacles, and Healthy Relationship Skills. Engaging and educational!

Social Skills Bingo
Improves social skills by focusing on five important areas: positive and negative characteristics, verbal and nonverbal communication, getting along, and common interests.

Resiliency Bingo
Develops and explores player's resiliency skills at home, at work, in school, and in social situations.

Recovery Bingo
Builds recovery skills for living addiction free. Focuses on developing support, recognizing danger zones, and planning for recovery.