Best Selling Go Fish Counseling Games


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  • 3 of our best-selling Go Fish games
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  • Each game includes 2 decks, 50 cards each
  • Suitable for ages 5 – 11, 2-5 players

This set of Go Fish games includes 3 of our best-selling games in this series. Each game incudes 2 decks: one for ages 5 to 8 and one for ages 8 to 11.  Go Fish is easy to learn and enjoyed by most children.

You will receive:

Go Fish: Catch & Release Your Anger - Designed to help children manage anger in a thoughtful and non-aggressive way. Cards offer a scenario where someone has done something as a result of an angry situation. Each player will be given the opportunity to reflect on the scenario and discuss whether it was a good way to handle angry feelings. There are cards which also offer techniques to diffuse anger and to help deal with angry feelings in a more productive way.

Go Fish: Anchor Your Stress - Teaches players about stress and anxiety and helps them deal with anxiety-provoking situations. It also provides practical thinking skills that include self-talk, coping mechanisms, and relaxation techniques.

Go Fish: Swimming Toward Self-Control - Addresses the importance self-control and impulse control during school, home, and after-school activities. This game helps players take charge of their impulses instead of their impulses taking charge of them. The game utilizes proven techniques for improving self-control, including pausing to think about possible consequences, delaying gratification, self-talk, and problem-solving strategies.

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