Any Game Cards


Product Number : TCT-8

Any Game Cards
by Max Nass, LMHC and Marcia Nass, M.S.

Now you can make any game therapeutic by simply adding these cards. Developed by licensed mental health counselors, the Any Game Cards are ideal for use with kids who prefer familiar games—such as Chutes and Ladders, Monopoly, or Uno—to those specifically designed for therapy. Pull out any board or card game, slip in selected Any Game Cards, and have fun as you address the problems your young clients are facing. The six decks in this set ask relevant questions about bullying, social skills, self-esteem, anger, character education, and health.

Perfect for children and teens who resist therapeutic games, these cards are an easy, cost-effective way to expand your play therapy options. They're also useful in stimulating thought-provoking discussions in small groups or classrooms. One set of six card decks.