Actions and Consequences Card Game [teen version]

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Product Number : 349369

  • Help teens stop, think about their options, consider consequences of their behavior, and ultimately make better choices
  • Topics: alcohol and drugs, family, managing anger, time and money management, peer relations, personal health and responsibility, rules and laws

  • Includes 75 situation cards plus instructions

  • Ages: 12-18

Actions and Consequences for Teens by Estelle A. Leutenburg and Kathy L. Khalsa OTR/L. This card game includes 75 real-life situation cards that explore six relevant areas: Alcohol and Drugs, Family, Managing Anger, Time, and Money, Peer Relations, Personal Health and Responsibility, Rules and Laws. The instructions guide the leader into discussion of responding rather than reacting, and a method of choosing powerfully to have desired outcomes rather than negative consequences. Recommended for ages 12-18. Each card describes a situation in which three questions will be asked to shape a new way of thinking:

1. What would I most likely do (in real life)?

2. What is most likely to happen if I do this?

3. Would my action result in a positive or negative outcome?