A New Beginning Recovery Card Game

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Product Number : 349492

  • Designed to enhance recovery skill for those overcoming addictive behaviors
  • Facilitate both group and individual sessions
  • May be used in conjunction with A New Beginning: Recovery Workbook
  • Knowledge of a 12-step program is required for most cards
  • Appropriate for all ages

A New Beginning: Recovery Card Game by Mildred Duggins Williams, MA, CAC II. This card game is designed to enhance recovery skills for those overcoming addictive behaviors. Cards reinforce skills, generate discussions, and integrate learning. The deck can be used to creatively facilitate groups or individual sessions. You can customize the activities by pulling out the most appropriate cards for a particular group or individual. Most cards require knowledge of a 12-step program.


  1. If you come in contact with old associates who are using, how will you handle the situation? What recovery tools will you use?
  2. Did you have multiple addictions? How did their effects on you differ?
  3. List the names of four people in your life that will be impacted by positive changes in your thinking and behaving.