55 Favorite Games Activity Book

Childs Work Childs Play

Product Number : 63002

  • These fun and engaging games help children develop their emotional, social, and behavioral skills
  • Children will want to play again and again!

  • Each game takes approximately 10-5 minutes to play

  • Includes 4 color pawns, one die, and CD
  • Ages: 3-10

55 Favorite Game that Teach Good Behavior to Children by Lawrence E. Shapiro, Ph.D. The games in this book are a great way to help children develop their emotional, social and behavioral skills through their natural language of play. Fun games teach children to respect rules, be more cooperative with adults, and become more caring people. Each game take just 10-15 minutes to play. They are so much fun that children want to play them again and again! Soft-cover,138 pages, plus CD. Intended for ages 3-10.