Totika Game (Includes Self-Esteem Cards)


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Totika Game (Includes Self-Esteem Cards)

  • Totika is a wood stacking game like no other
  • While trying to keep the stack from falling over, players draw cards and answer questions to promote conversation
  • Includes the Self-Esteem Deck which has 48 cards with over 150 questions

Totika is a fun and enjoyable stacking game that encourages young people to share their feelings, tell their stories, speak their thoughts, and find solutions to problems through play and questioning. Players begin with a vertical stack of 48 brightly colored wooden blocks. The object is to remove a block, without toppling the stack, and answer the question on the corresponding game card. Play continues until the stack collapses. Because players concentrate on the physical task of removing blocks, they tend to lose their self-consciousness, relax, and begin to talk. The Totika Game comes with Self-Esteem cards, and can be played with any of the five other card packs (sold separately), depending on your specific needs. For 2 or more players, ages 8 and up.