Financial IQ, Revised


Product Number : W-648

Financial IQ™

Financial IQ™ is a new educational game designed to teach financial responsibility and literacy. Players learn everything from the differences between credit cards and debit cards to the role of collateral. There is a strong emphasis on how players can learn to be prudent and sensible about investing, taking on debt, expenses, etc. 

There are four decks of cards, each dealing with different aspects of the financial world: 

Investment Strategy cards cover the nature, benefits, and risks of various investment assets, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CD’s, bank accounts, etc.

Income and Expense cards cover income sources and expense items. Emphasis is placed on controlling expenses so that a portion of income canbe saved each year. 

Loans and Interest cards give players important information on credit cards, debit cards, checking accounts, mortgages, and consumer debt. 

Financial IQ cards cover a range of financial issues, ranging from distinguishing assets from liabilities, capital gains and losses, and even how manydollars equals a "grand." 

Over 200 cards cover a great deal. As a result, the game can be used as a complete subunit on financial literacy or as a supplement in a wide range of business courses

Grades 8-Adult 

Learning Objectives: 

1. Players learn important financial concepts and the meaning of financial terms. 

2. Players learn how to control expenses and keep them in line with income.

3. Players learn sensible use of credit cards and other forms of consumer debt. 

4. Players learn how to balance risk and reward by understanding all common types of investments. 

5. Players learn the dangers of scams, boiler room operations, gambling, and overly risky investments.