Bart Speaks Out: Breaking the Silence on Suicide*


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Bart Speaks Out: Breaking the Silence on Suicide*
by Linda Goldman, M.S.

Bart, a lovable terrier, misses his owner Charlie, who has just died. But Bart's grief is complicated by the silence that surrounds Charlie's death. Sad and puzzled, Bart gradually comes to understand that Charlie has committed suicide.

In this sensitive workbook, Bart gives children an opportunity to explore suicide openly
to resolve their grief by breaking through the barriers of shame and secrecy that typically cloud this subject. Following Bart in the days after Charlie's suicide, children learn to separate the person from theway he or she died. Workbook exercises dispel myths about suicide, provide age-appropriate facts and explanations, and show children how to express their feelings and focus on positive memories.

"This book is a breakthrough!"
    Karen Carney, Director, D'Esopo Resource Center