Toss and Learn Dice Games: Toss Your Anger


Product Number : W-680A

Toss and Learn

Toss and Learn is a series of dice games using a unique learning design. These innovative games help players learn important skills and apply them to commonly encountered situations. Each game comes with four large three-inch square polyurethane dice (two blue and two yellow), two skill sheets, a packet of points, rules, and facilitator guidelines. The blue dice have a situation on each side; the yellow dice have either a question or an action based on an important skill on each side. Players can use the yellow and blue dice interchangeably, yielding 144 combinations. Players roll a blue die and then roll a yellow die. Players apply the question or activity on the yellow die to the situation on the blue die. As a result, they learn the skills and also how to apply them to frequently encountered situations while earning points with each correct answer.

Toss Your Anger focuses on areas including being respectful; using positive self-talk; recognizing consequences; determining the right responses to anger; counting to ten and deep breathing techniques to relieve angry feelings, and more!

Grades: 3 - 6