The Stop, Relax & Think Workbook

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Product Number : 61503

  • Help children with impulse control learn new cognitive, physical, and emotional skills
  • Features puzzles, activities, and games
  • Includes 60 activities 
  • Ages: 6-12

Written by Lisa M. Schab, LCSW. This workbook is designed to help children in general - and impulsive children especially - learn the cognitive, physical, and emotional skills they need to determine and use appropriate behavior across a variety of settings. This workbook contains more than 60 paper-and-pencil activities that teach children such important skills as thinking about consequences, staying focused and completing a task, engaging in quiet activities without disturbing others, and more. Each of the eight sections of the book contains fun activities, puzzles, and games that help reinforce these essential behavioral skills. 85 pages, spiral-bound.

This workbook is divided into eight areas:

  • Organizing Tasks and Activities
  • Staying Focused and Completing One Task at a Time
  • Listening to Directions and Following Instructions
  • Remaining Calm in Given Situations
  • Remembering to Do What is Expected of You
  • Engaging in Quiet Activities without Disturbing Others
  • Thinking About Consequences Before Acting
  • Behaving Appropriately in Give Situations

This product is also a part of The Stop, Relax & Think Collection.