Hidden Rules: Classroom


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Hidden Rules
by Lawrence Shapiro, PhD

“Hidden Rules” refers to all the unwritten social behaviors that most of us seem to pick up without being taught, such as respecting personal space, speaking at an appropriate volume, and paying attention to body language. For children who have trouble discerning the hidden rules, these games offer help. Played like Crazy Eights or Uno, each Hidden Rules card game offers fast-paced fun as it tunes kids in to common social expectations. Choose from four card games—Social Situations, Classroom, Friends,or Community—or save when you buy the set! For 2 to 8 players.

Each card game includes Instructions, 40 Hidden Rules Cards, 40 Number Cards, 5 Wild Cards, 5 Skip-A-Turn Wild Cards, and 8 Blank Cards (all cards are 2¾" × 4¾")