The Executive Functioning Workbook for Teens


Product Number : 2158

  • Help teens who are chronically unprepared, late, and scattered
  • A "must have" collection for anyone who works with teens
  • Teach teens how to get organized, retain information, communicate effectively, and more
  • Ages: 12-18 

Written by Sharon A. Hansen MSE, NBC.  An easy-to-use, practical workbook written by a licensed school counselor, it will provide you with the skills needed to get organized, retain information, communicate effectively, and perform well in school and everyday life. Based in proven-effective cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the book offers activities that will help you better understand your disorder and cope with it effectively.

With one chapter for each of ten main areas of EFD, the book also includes tips for initiating positive action and change, improving flexibility in thinking, sustaining attention, organizing, planning, enhancing memory, managing emotions, and building self-awareness. Written in a fun, engaging format, this book is designed to motivate and inspire you to carry out and complete tasks with ease. From handling frustration to taking notes in class, this book will help you hone the skills you need to succeed. 144 pages.