Self-Control Workbook


Product Number : W-413A

The Self-Control Workbook
by Berthold Berg, Ph.D.

A companion to The Self-Control Game, this workbook gives children practice in using positive self-statements and problem-solving techniques to control their behavior. Exercises teach students how to think before they act, how to prepare themselves for interruptions, how to credit themselves for success and effort, and how to empathize with peers who find their hyperactive behavior irritating. The written "homework" assignments in this workbook can be used to extend the benefits of therapy. Ages 8 and up.

Also available:
The Self-Control Game

by Berthold Berg, Ph.D.

The Self-Control Game teaches children how to exercise self-control in academic and social situations. It addresses 24 specific traits and behaviors classified as impulsive, inattentive, or hyperactive. As they move around the game board and respond to questions on game cards, they learn how to change maladaptive behavior. A Children's Behavior Control Inventory (included) helps you select game cards that focus on a given child's particular needs.

Self-Control Skits DVD

If you're working with teens or preteens who have problems with impulsivity, distractibility, or ADHD, this DVD is a great way to stimulate genuine behavior change. Skits performed by kids illustrate negative, and then positive, reactions to real-life situations. The dramatic contrast between "how not to" and "how to" never fails to provoke viewer involvement and discussion.