Working With Grieving and Traumatized Children and Adolescents


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  • Provides practical and proven activities for dealing with grief and trauma
  • Written by two seasoned trauma specialist
  • Uses SITCAP, an evidence-based intervention model
  • Can be used in both violent and nonviolent traumatic events

Discovering What Matters Most Through Evidence-Based Sensory Interventions by William Steele and Caelan Kuban. This book is filled with practical and proven activities for use with children and adolescents experiencing grief and trauma. It is based on the author's’ experience working with a variety of traumatic events in schools, agencies, and communities. It features the Structured Sensory Interventions for Traumatized Children, Adolescents, and Parents (SITCAP) evidence-based intervention model that can be used to successfully address both violent and nonviolent traumatic events. For helping professionals, this book is like having two seasoned trauma therapists to turn to whenever support, encouragement, and inspiration are needed.Paperback, 272 pages, 8½" × 11"