Thoughts and Feelings 3rd Edition*


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  • Use cognitive behavioral techniques to help with worry, panic disorder, perfectionism, and more
  • Challenge self-sabotaging patterns of thinking
  • Create a personal treatment plan

Written by Matthew McKay, Ph.D., Martha Davis, Ph.D. & Patrick Fanning. If you are depressed, anxious, angry, worried, confused, frustrated, upset, or ashamed, please remember that you are not alone in your struggle with painful feelings and experiences. Everybody experiences emotional distress sometimes. It's normal. But when the pain becomes too strong and too enduring, it's time to take that important first step toward feeling better.

Painful thoughts can arise in many ways. You may struggle with anxiety and depression, or feel that procrastination or perfectionism are holding you back. Regardless of the issue, you've come to this book with a desire to change your thoughts and feelings for the better. Using specific techniques taught in various chapters you can create a personal treatment plan to work on your specific issue. Soft cover, 320 pages.