The Networking Game


Product Number : W-642

The Networking Game

Networking is the most effective way to learn about and get jobs. This new game gives players the confidence and skills they need to make relationships, energize their networks, and get those all-important interviews. The Networking Game uses a three-pronged approach: learning the six principles of networking, learning the skills, and practicing the skills to gain confidence and fluency. 

The six Principles of Networking are:

  • Get organized and stay organized.
  • Be clear about who you are and what you want.
  • Make better use of your social network.
  • Build relationships outside of your social network.
  • Think of networking as a lifelong process.
  • Believe in yourself! 

Players pick from four decks of cards as they learn networking skills: Key Cards explain networking activities that are keys to success. Bridge Cards describe activities that can be bridges to new contacts and networks. Take a Risk Cards give examples of actions that can bring networking to a new level. Bonus Cards reinforce the proper use of interpersonal skills while networking. 

Grades: 8–adult 

2–6 players 

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn that networking is the most effective way to lean about job openings and can speed up their job search. 

2. Learn the basic facts and techniques of networking for a job.

3. Learn that they already have a network that they can use as a base for progress. 

4. Learn why it is essential to be organized and learn about a variety of systems for keeping track of their contacts and progress. 

5. Be motivated to begin networking and become more comfortable with the steps involved. 

6. Have an opportunity to practice their networking skills.

7. Understand the long-term rewards of networking. 

8. Stay motivated despite the inevitable cold shoulders and other frustrations and setbacks.