The Feelings Show DVD*


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Product Number : TMC-2

The Feelings Show
A fun exploration of feelings and how to express them

Join Ruby on a wonderful and exciting journey to help children express their feelings! In this creative DVD, children learn how to identify and understand sadness, anger, happiness, and frustration. The Feelings Show engages kids with humorous, colorful animated segments while singing along to original tunes and watching real kids demonstrate how to express their emotions. Also included are tips and techniques from renowned parenting expert Betsy Brown Braun. The Feelings Show is the perfect way to reinforce critical life skills and prepare young children for school.

Running time is approximately 45 minutes. English-language, high-definition, color, this DVD is not rated.

“The Mother Company blends solid educational content with fun, magic & imagination. It’s the perfect recipe for nurturing healthy, well-balanced kids.”
Jennifer Waldburger, LCSW