SOS DVD & Parenting Program


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  • Parent Education Program is for educators and counselors
  • 72-minute DVD
  • Suitable for 5 – 6 classes
  • Includes Leader Guide and SOS Help for Parents book

DVD KIT SOS Help For Parents: A DVD-Discussion Parent Education Program is for educators and counselors.

As an educator or counselor, are you looking for an easy-to-present DVD-based parenting program? This unique behavior management DVD Video Kit is enjoyable to present and user-friendly. It provides easy-to-offer parenting classes and behavior management workshops. You don t need extensive preparation or a background in psychology to effectively present this DVD program. Counselors also use this DVD Program when counseling parents. Allow 5 sessions or classes. You have access to FREE downloadable resources for this KIT. DVD KIT SOS Help For Parents is used by counselors, parent groups, educators, clinics, and social service professionals and is intended for parenting workshops, staff development, in-service training of mental health professionals, teacher training, classroom use, and parent counseling. You do not need to be an expert in behavior management to present this DVD Video Program. Over 12,000 SOS Video Kits are in use worldwide!

The SOS DVD Video Kit includes: 72-minute DVD (plays internationally, in all countries), for use in 5 to 6 sessions or classes. -Video Leaders Guide -SOS Help For Parents book -DVD has closed captions and can be played in all countries -SOS Help For Parents Quizzes - Form B (reproducible) to measure what participants learn -Reproducible poster for advertising your parenting classes & counseling. Part One may be viewed by a group or individually. For Part Two, a group leader should guide the discussion following each of the 43 parenting scenes. The easy-to-use DVD Leaders Guide offers both discussion questions and answers for 43 scenes. The SOS DVD Video Program is enjoyable, easy-to-use, and offers much humor.


The multi-media approach (of SOS Help For Parents Program) makes the information accessible to parents and children at all levels of adjustment and functioning. --Journal Of Marital And Family Therapy

SOS parenting tools (videos and books) have cured hundreds of families! --San Francisco psychiatrist

SOS .... empowers parents with the tools for child rearing using a positive, consistent and simple-to-follow program . . . . will enable parents to feel more competent and confident in their parenting skills as well as in their communication skills with their children. --National Association of School Psychologists Communique Newsletter

About the Author

Lynn Clark, PhD. Author, Clinical Psychologist, and father of two sons. I live in Bowling Green, Kentucky and am Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky where I taught in the Department of Psychology for over 30 years. Also, I have taught counseling courses in Germany and Italy as an Adjunct Professor of Education for Boston University. For a year I traveled the country giving seminars for mental health professionals and educators. I have used all of the techniques described in SOS Help For Parents with my own two sons as they were growing up. When they were older, I taught them the principles of cognitive behavior therapy (including the ABC's of Emotions), now described in SOS Help For Emotions. My professional experience includes work in community mental health centers, hospitals, counseling centers, and community agencies. I am a member of the American Psychological Association and Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies. SOS Programs & Parents Press is a publishing company which I founded. SOS Programs & Parents Press publishes SOS books and programs for adults, older teens, parents of young children, mental health professionals, and educators to help improve emotions and behavior. SOS programs for both laypersons and mental health professionals include books, DVDs, and self-help resources. These programs and resources are derived from evidence-based techniques and principles of behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and additional approaches for improving emotions and behavior. My professional interests include teaching, offering seminars, helping children and adults, behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy, etc. Additional interests include travel, canoeing, snorkeling, hiking, and Corvettes. Also, Search Amazon for Video KIT SOS Help For Emotions: Managing Anxiety, Anger, And Depression. The KIT is intended for adults, teens, educators, and mental health professionals.