Shape-It (formerly known as Moon Sand) Green


Product Number : BLP-4C

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Moon Sand™
Unlike any sand you’ve ever experienced!

This incredible product behaves like wet sand, yet it’s dry to the touch, and you can mold, squeeze, and sculpt it without all the mess of normal sand. Moon Sand offers resistance, feels soothing in the hands, and cleans up easily. (Simply mist the sand with a disinfectant and air dry.) Each 5-pound box of heavyweight sand can be used to create a variety of fun shapes, including sand castles, and it’s water repellent!

An excellent choice for play therapy and sensory integration activities, Moon Sand is affordable, completely safe, gluten-free, nonstaining, and nontoxic (even edible!). 

Sand Kit includes 30 pounds of sand (six 5-pound boxes, one of each color: white, red, blue, yellow, purple, and green) and Sand Tray