Manifest Your Magnificence - 64 Affirmation Cards for Kids


Product Number : 52145

There are 64 affirmation cards in the set. A few of them are pictured.

These wonderful cards can be used in many ways to remind children that they are Magnificent Creations. Once the child picks a card, you can reinforce the power of the affirmation by having the child express how it relates to them by:


writing, talking, drawing

singing, acting, dancing

carrying a card with them as a reminder of who 

they truly are

The I Am, I Think I Am, I Dont Think I Am* is a fun game to play with these cards. The child is asked to sort the cards into three piles: attributes they know they have, attributes they think they have, and attributes they dont think they have.The clinician or teacher can then engage in a discussion about how the cards ended up in their respective piles. The way the child sorts the cards provides valuable information about the childs perceived strengths and weaknesses.