Learning to Get Along: Poster Set


Product Number : FR-58R

Learning to Get Along®

by Cheri J. Meiners, MEd

This book series helps parents, teachers, and child care providers teach the basic social and emotional skills that are key to success in school and in life. Meant to be read aloud, each book focuses on a specific skill and includes suggestions for games, role-play scenarios, and other activities to reinforce that skill. Titles in this series are:

  • Talk and Work It Out
  • Be Careful and Stay Safe
  • Accept and Value Each Person
  • Be Honest and Tell the Truth
  • Be Polite and Kind
  • Join In and Play
  • Understand and Care
  • Listen and Learn
  • Cool Down and Work Through Anger
  • Try and Stick With It
  • Share and Take Turns
  • Respect and Take Care of Things
  • When I Feel Afraid
  • Reach Out and Give
  • Know and Follow Rules

The complete series is available in a kid-friendly software package (Windows only). Children in Grades K through 3 can follow along or read on their own, answering questions at the end. (A highlight feature lets them look up definitions as they read.) Teachers and parents can choose books for specific children, manage audio options, and track student progress.

The Learning to Get Along Poster Set (sold separately) reinforces the values taught in the book series while brightening up your classroom. These durable, high-gloss posters remind children:

  • It feels good to listen and be heard.
  • Friends share and take turns. What are some ways you can share?
  • Everyone gets mad sometimes. What are some ways you can cool down when you’re mad?
  • Following rules keeps us safe.

Poster Set includes 4 Posters; Illustrated, full-color, 13-3/8" × 19"