Fighting Invisible Tigers


Product Number : FR-15A

Fighting Invisible Tigers
Revised & Updated Third Edition

by Earl Hipp

The third edition of this classic book is for all young people who have ever felt overwhelmed, frustrated, tired, and stressed out by the obstacles in their lives. While stress is something we all experience, research suggests that adolescents are affected by it in unique ways that can increase impulsivity and risky behaviors. While eliminating stress from life isn't realistic, young people can learn to control how they respond to it.

This book offers proven techniques that teens can use to deal with stressful situations in school, at home, and among friends. They'll find current information on how stress affects health and decision making and learn stress-management skills to handle stress in positive ways—including assertiveness, positive self-talk, time management, relaxation exercises, and much more. Filled with interesting facts, student quotes, and fun activities, this book is a great resource for any teen who's said, "I'm stressed out!"

This new Third Edition replaces both the Student Handbook and the Leader's Guide from the Second Edition.