Decisions Color Cards


Product Number : WP-53

Decisions ColorCards
How do you behave when faced with an unwelcome surprise? What do you do if you miss the bus, or find a pan on fire in the kitchen?

Each of these 30 photographic cards depicts some problem that upsets the daily routine. As they view these cards, children must decide how they would react. In doing so, they learn to:

• Make responsible choices
• Consider consequences
• Distinguish between minor troubles and emergencies
• Differentiate practical and social problems
• Recognize potential danger
• Determine when to act quickly and when to pause and think

When kids know how to make good decisions, many of their behavior problems disappear.
This set includes 30 large (8 1/4" x 11 3/4") cards, an instruction booklet, and a CD-ROM that allows you to print copies of the cards as needed.