Creative Games in Groupwork*


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  • By Robin Dynes

  • Good for group work in social work, occupational therapy, counseling, teaching, scoutmasters or church group leaders.

  • Includes icebreakers, games, quizzes, and activities

Here is the answer to a group leader's prayer. Whether you're a social worker, occupational therapist, counselor, teacher, scoutmaster or church group leader, you'll find scores of games-for all ages-in this manual. There are icebreakers, quiet games, physical games, brain teasers, verbal games, pen and pencil tasks, quizzes, and outdoor activities.There are games to simulate conversation, build trust, aid memory, improve concentration,enhance physical skills, encourage social development, promote responsibility, relieve anxiety, increase self-esteem, and much more. For each game, the book describes materials needed, preparation, action, and variations.