Common Ground*


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Common Ground®

Common Ground® is an educational board game specifically designed to teach students important knowledge and skills for resolving conflict. In the game, students answer questions about conflict resolution and learn to use a win-win strategy to resolve conflicts. Examples of conflicts in the game reflect typical conflict areas in work settings, including negotiating with suppliers, and problems with co-workers and supervisors. 

In order to win, players are competing to earn the most points. Players earn points in two ways. They can earn points by answering questions correctly. The questions and answers provide important information on effective ways of resolving conflict in general, and ideas for resolving specific conflicts that are built into the game. Players can also earn points by resolving the conflicts that are created among the players during the game. As a result, the players are involved in two learning processes simultaneously - (1) learning the knowledge and skills for successful conflict resolution and (2) applying the knowledge and skills during the play of the game. Players are therefore cooperating in finding solutions and competing at the same time. This dynamic relationship leads to a very exciting game.

This game is appropriate for school-to-career courses as well as any course in which conflict resolution skills are being taught. 

Learning Objectives: 

1. Develop practical skills for resolving conflicts in a win-win way.

2. Learn that assertiveness is more effective than aggression. 

3. Develop an understanding of the conflict resolution process. 

4. Learn the importance of understanding the other side's point of view. 

5. Learn different strategies and tactics for effective conflict resolution. 

6. Learn to resolve conflicts with supervisors, co-workers, groups, friends, and family. 

7. Learn critical thinking skills by evaluating suggestions for resolving specific conflicts.