Breaking the Chains of Anger


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Breaking the Chains of Anger®

Breaking the Chains of Anger® is an educational board game designed to teach important concepts and practical skills for controlling anger and avoiding violence. Alex is a seventh grader. Players earn play money by giving Alex good advice on how to deal with frustrating and anger provoking situations throughout his day, both at school and at home. Alex is teased, bullied, blamed by a teacher for something he didn't do, frustrated when his sister eats his dessert, as well as her own, etc. Players are introduced to the concept that anger can carry Alex away towards actions that will be regretted later. Skills are introduced that help Alex stay calm, make good decisions, and prepare for difficult situations. The skills include:

  • Planning ahead for stressful situations
  • Anger reduction techniques
  • Self-reinforcement techniques
  • Self-control techniques
  • Problem solving skills 

Students with anger and aggression problems are usually anxious and defensive whenever the subject is brought up. However, in the game students are giving advice to Alex, the fictitious student. This "distance" puts them in a position where they can deal with and learn about these important issues without the usual defensiveness and denial. In the post-game discussion, the teacher relates the players' actions in the game to real life situations. 

A 17" x 22" full color poster is included. Teachers are encouraged to put up the poster in the classroom and keep it up in subsequent classes for the purpose of continued reinforcement of the anger control skills. A "Teacher's Materials" booklet with complete lesson plans is also included.

Learning Objectives:

1. Learn to understand situations that can lead to anger and aggression. 

2. Learn to think first before taking rash action. 

3. Learn specific skills for controlling anger and aggression. 

4. Learn to be assertive without being aggressive. 

5. Learn specific anger control skills, such as self-reminders, taking a few deep breaths, etc.

6. Feel better about themselves during and after conflict situations. 

7. Get along better with others in general.