Best of New Games DVD*


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  • 120 minute length DVD
  • 60+ Games
  • Text files are included in PDF format

Any group leader can use these games with his/her group and get a positive response.

Teachers will be pleased to know that New Games are more than just fun (though they are certainly that!), for they reinforce basic learning skills such as cooperation, listening, following directions, concentration, teamwork, memory, and creative thinking and expression. New Games get people playing and moving because they're fun! This makes it perfect for combating obesity.

New Games also include important developmental skills that every child needs to promote learning skills - like throwing, catching, running, and more. The games also enhance social skills such as cooperation, communication, and inclusion. Everyone is welcome to join and everyone is actively involved.

Various ages of people will be shown playing the games - from school children to adults. These games are especially appropriate for coed programs.