Addictions Set


Product Number : 200173100

This kit contains items to symbolize many different addictions. These items are intended for the sand tray and are not toys.

Kit includes:

-Fake pills (3) in medicine bottle, Bottle measures 1.5 inches tall

-Fake needle, measures 6.5 inches long

-Plastic marijuana leaves, 3.25 inches by 3 inches (2)

-Slot Machine measuring 3.25 inches tall and 2.5 inches tall

-5 Playing Cards measuring about 1.5 inches

-One red and one white die measuring about .4 inches

-Beer Cans, set of 3 each measuring 1 inch tall

-Cigarettes, set of 2 measuring 3.25 inches long

-Liquor Bottles, set of 3, 2.5 inches tall

-Wine Bottles, set of 2, 3.5 inches tall

Please note: items in the picture are not to scale. Please reference the measurements listed. Unfortunately, items do change and become unavailable. If we need to make a substitute, the substitution will be of equal or greater value.