Activities for Building Character and Social Emotional Learning Grades 3-5*


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  • Help students improve their social skills
  • Student centered resource guide
  • Includes digital codes

The 100+ activities create opportunities for students to ask questions, discuss their interests, and find out what motivates them to get along with others. The lessons help students improve their social skills and use them as they practice teambuilding, communication techniques, deal with friendship issues, and express their feelings in appropriate ways. The materials can be used in an individual classroom, across a grade level, or throughout the entire school.

Key concepts:
Me and my safe and caring school-rules and our classroom community 
Discovering our feelings-what can I do when I get angry 
My support system-give and take, compassion, and friendships 
Respect yourself and others-good manners, honesty, equality, and inclusion 
Bullying-mean words hurt, kidding vs. teasing, and getting help 
Teaming up for success-responsibility, leadership, and sharing 
Conflict resolution-listening skills, attitude matters, and using a Stop, Think, Choose process 
The power to choose-making positive and wise choices, consequences of choices, and being fair 
Follow your dreams-heroes, perseverance, and mobilizing your dreams