80 Creative Strategies for Working with Challenging Parents


Product Number : YL-6

80 Creative Strategies for Working with Challenging Parents
A Resource for Elementary, Middle and High School Professional Educators

by Jerry Wilde

For many teachers, counselors, and administrators, dealing with challenging parents can be draining. This unique book is designed to help educators address this problem. It offers 80 easy-to-use strategies designed to improve communication and enable positive, constructive relationships. You’ll gain insight into what motivates challenging parents so you are better prepared to change their behavior. Strategies covered in the book include how to work with parents who are angry, inconsistent, blaming, and disconnected from the school and those who may have mental health difficulties, and substance abuse problems. Use this resource to help conduct successful parent conferences, build parental support, manage anger, teach responsibility, and avoid legal problems.

Paperback, 104 pages, 8½" × 11"