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MA-1 Sound Conditioner $68.00

Sound Screen

This convenient device helps protect the privacy of your therapy sessions. By producing a pleasant, smooth sound of rushing air, Sound Screen masks conversations that might otherwise be heard through walls or closed doors. This helps prevent accidental eavesdropping and eliminates the need for costly sound insulation. In addition, Sound Screen can be used to mask noise from traffic, television, or stereo, allowing you to sleep, read, study, or work more easily.

Just plug the unit into a 110-120V AC outlet and set it at high or low speed. Rotate the top to raise or lower the volume. Sound Screen is self-standing and requires no hardware or mounting. It is usually placed outside the therapy room—on the floor, on carpet, under or on top of an end table, on a bookshelf—just about anywhere. This dual-speed unit comes in a fog-white plastic housing, with an 8' power cord. It weighs 1.7 pounds and is 3.25" high, with a base diameter of 5.75".



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