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The Social Skills Workbook
by Berthold Berg, Ph.D.

The Social Skills Workbook is full of exercises that reinforce concepts introduced in therapy. By practicing "self-talk," children acquire specific skills
perceiving themselves as competent, expecting success in social situations, not worrying, accepting mistakes, and taking credit for success. This workbook is ideal for both shy, socially neglected children, and aggressive, socially rejected youngsters.

The Social Skills Game
by Berthold Berg, Ph.D.

The Social Skills Game is an ideal way to help children acquire social skills. This appealing board game teaches children attitudes and behaviors that promote positive interaction with their peers. It is especially helpful with those who are shy or socially neglected.

Game cards focus on four skill areas: Making Friends, Responding Positively to Peers, Cooperating with Peers, and Communicating Needs. Included in the game manual are three inventories that can be used to identify the child's specific skill deficits and select game cards addressing those deficits. Although usually played by the therapist and one or more children, the game can also be loaned to parents for home use.

Social Skills Skits DVD
by Berthold Berg, Ph.D.

If you're working with teens or preteens on social skills, this DVD is a great way to stimulate discussion and real behavior change. Skits performed by kids illustrate negative, and then positive, reactions to real-life situations. The dramatic contrast between "how not to" and "how to" never fails to provoke viewer involvement and discussion.

The skits focus on introducing yourself, starting a conversation, giving a compliment, following rules, sharing, suggesting an activity, helping a friend in trouble, showing concern for a friend, expressing negative feelings, getting attention appropriately, and asking to borrow things. Each of the DVDs 12 sections serves as the basis for hours of discussion, written assignments, and role play. This DVD is often used in conjunction with The Social Skills Game. DVD, 30 minutes.

Social Thinking Skills Puppet DVD
by Berthold Berg, Ph.D.

This most engaging component of Berg's social skills program clearly demonstrates the six cognitive-behavioral principles taught by the game, workbook, and story cards. The DVD presents two vignettes for each of the six skills and two scenes (positive and negative models) for each vignette. An accompanying manual provides scripts, so you can easily present the skits yourself if you prefer. Best used in tandem with at least one of the other social skills tools by Berg, this is an ideal introduction to game playing or storytelling sessions, especially for younger children.

Social Skills Story Cards
by Berthold Berg, Ph.D.

The Social Skills Story Cards therapeutic tool gently encourages shy and socially rejected children to apply the same cognitive skills addressed in the Social Skills Game. The child makes up stories based on the illustrations and story prompts provided. You then help the child revise the stories to express more socially adaptive attitudes and behaviors. This process fosters a transfer of learning to the child's own experience. Detailed instructions guide you through therapeutic storytelling techniques.


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Great for older kids! | Mar 31st, 2011
by Caitlin Byrne

This workbook has been a great resource for some of my older clients. The examples are current and situations many of my kids have experienced. I love that it gives an example and then gives the opportunity for my kids to respond what they would do. It allows me to see where their head is at and builds the skills I am trying to encourage. I have also been able to adapt it to work with some of my younger client's by taking the examples and re-wording them to make them more age-appropriate! I found this tool very useful and a great add on to any social skills training!

Good Resource | Mar 28th, 2011
by Caitlin  Westfall

I have found the Social Skills Workbook to be a good resource when working with students. While I have to adapt some of the wording when working with younger age students, I feel that the workbook offers great examples of real-life situations that are easy for students to identify with. I would recommend this workbook to anyone hoping to establish/enhance social skills; be it in an individual or group setting. I sometimes have students pair up to complete worksheets. They seem to respond well to the material covered in the book. I think that adding situational pictures to the workbook (perhaps ones that could be colored) would be visually appealing to students and capture their attention.

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