Skillstreaming for Elementary School Children Lesson Plans and Activities with CD-ROM

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Skillstreaming for Elementary School Children
Used with thousands of students, Skillstreaming is the standard for teaching prosocial skills. It is flexible, easy to use, and effective.

Packed with more than 600 lesson plans and activities plus 200 printable forms the Lesson Plans and Activities book with CD-rom enhances the Skillstreaming program by making learning more fun and enjoyable.

The elementary school version Kit (grades 2 through 5) includes a
Handbook, Skill Cards, and a Program Forms Booklet with an accompanying CD-ROM.

The Skillstreaming Handbook for elementary students shows how to teach 60 skills in 5 areas: Classroom Survival Skills; Friendship Skills; Dealing with Feelings; Alternatives to Aggression; and Dealing with Stress. Specific skills include asking for help, accepting consequences, using self-control, and dealing with pressure. Appendices include program evaluation forms.

The Program Forms Booklet with CD-ROM provides reproducible checklists, handouts, rating forms, school-home notes, skill contracts, and more.

The 480 Skill Cards list the behavioral steps for each skill taught in the Handbook. These cards are used in role plays and homework assignments.

The Student Manual serves as a reference and organizer, providing a self-assessment checklist and tips about the skill-learning process, nonverbal communication, skill shifting, and more.


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