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Talk Blocks

Here's a wonderfully simple way to share not only feelings, but also needs. Shy preschoolers, tongue-tied elementary school kids, and self-conscious teenagers find it easy to communicate with Talk Blocks. Red blocks show 12 different emotions (sad, embarrassed, angry, etc.), while green blocks illustrate 12 different needs (a hug, to cry, to be alone, etc.). The child chooses an emotion from the red blocks, then a need from the green ones. By letting youngsters express both how they feel and what they need, Talk Blocks gives them a positive way to respond to their emotions.

These four colorful blocks come in a sturdy tray, with a graphic gauge that's used to indicate intensity of feelings and needs. A Parent/Teacher Guide explains both family applications and classroom use. In addition, a new instructional DVD (included) shows how families can use Talk Blocks to ease communication and improve the emotional environment at home.

"...a nonthreatening tool to use when feelings are miles ahead of the words kids need to find, but can't."
    A Seattle mother


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